Spiritual Development I

Spiritual Development I

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In Spiritual Development I, we cover the basic fundamentals and understanding of ones spiritual journey and development for a strong foundation in exploration. For those looking to explore raising their awareness and being in control of their own energy and happiness.


- Energy & Intention, what energy is and how it affects us, how intention works and why it is important. Overcoming lower vibration energy and how it affects your growth.

- Attention, Thought & Feeling, the basics to connecting with the self

- Chakras, an understanding of the chakras and how it affects our overall health and wellness

- Mindfulness and Grounding, learning to create a space for yourself to be able to focus and manifest the needs in your life

- Understanding of Tools, the basics in tools for development such as crystals and sage, suggested teaching and much more.

Course time: 2.5 hours

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