Spiritual Development II

Spiritual Development II

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In SDII you will learn how to incorporate your spirituality into your life, learning to develop and trust your intuition. You will also learn to break old patterns of thinking that do not serve you in order to gain clarity in your journey.

- Intuition: What it is, how to develop a strong intuition and how to use it to navigate through life

- Perspective & Distorted Thinking: How to view the world in a more positive way that wills it into what better serves you and others and breaking old patterns

- Nature of Manifestation: How to find your path, understanding abundance & manifestation, how it affects us and how it serves us

- Nature of Consciousness: Understanding how the mind flows and how thought and action rule our reality.

-Spiritual Realm: Intro to spirits and guides and the many areas of the spiritual realm including occult knowledge.

2 sessions 4 hours total :$260