Elixir Of Life

Elixir Of Life

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A Harmonious Blend Of Life Enhancing Ingredients

Our Elixir Of Life was created to help you move through the swings of life efficiently. Full of antioxidants and detoxifying properties, the elixir of life will help ease anxiety & help you focus on tasks without any crashes. Nourish your body & enjoy the benefits of our herbal elixir.


Aids in detoxing, enhances immune system & improves digestion and PMS.


Non-GMO Organic Matcha from Uji, Japan. Packed with antioxidants, boosts metabolism & aids in concentration.

100% MCT Oil

Supports growth of good gut bacteria, KETO approved, reduces lactate buildup, supports diabetes management.


Helps ease stress & anxiety, Adaptogen, supports healthy brain cells, enhances calm mood.

Hemp derived CBD 120MG

Suggested Dosage: 6-12 drops 12-20 drops for a more potent effect

May be added in juices or coffee