Mercury Meditation

Mercury Meditation

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Use Mercury Meditation Oil to cleanse a sacred space, or use the oil to anoint an area that needs to be purified. Clear your space and allow the hints of Vanilla to put you in a state of calm, while Frankincense allows you to expand your consciousness and communicate with yourself clearly. This blends allows you to create ritualistic discipline in meditation.

*Made with care & Infused with Reiki, charged under full moons

Points of Placement:

Rub on third eye or rub the back of neck for crown meditation


Almond Oil Frankincense Vanilla Oil Hemp Derived CBD

1 oz



Each oil has an element of religious or spiritual background, planetary symbolism, Vedic or Greek meaning & astrological connection. Using plants & oils to help connect to conscious expansion, we have a product that can people shift their own consciousness & alter their reality with disciplined use, creating true alchemical practice. We use Hemp derived CBD in all our oils to promote its health benefits, making it a well rounded product.

Every element in each bottle has been carefully thought out with love & intention in hopes that people can return to creating a strong spiritual foundation, which leads to a more positive & abundant life.