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Venus Potion 5 helps you focus upon celebrating blessings, building stamina & finding love within yourself while relieving symptoms of anxiety & stress so you can focus on new beginnings. YY is a natural aphrodisiac and when blended with sweet orange and black pepper, it creates a blend that is pleasing and sensual. The Blue Lotus & Rose petals help with the aid of manifestation.

Points of placement:

Rub oil around the neck and wrists and over the chest


Bergamot Ylang Ylang Orange Black pepper Jojoba Sweet almond Blue lotus Rose petals 25mg Hemp derived CBD



Each oil has an element of religious or spiritual background, planetary symbolism, Vedic or Greek meaning & astrological connection. Using plants & oils to help connect to conscious expansion, we have a product that can people shift their own consciousness & alter their reality with disciplined use, creating true alchemical practice. We use Hemp derived CBD in all our oils to promote its health benefits, making it a well rounded product.

Every element in each bottle has been carefully thought out with love & intention in hopes that people can return to creating a strong spiritual foundation, which leads to a more positive & abundant life.