Personalized Philosophy Reading

Personalized Philosophy Reading

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The Personalized Philosophy Readings is an in depth look at your astrological birth chart.

You will receive a personalized report, explaining the inner working of your chart explaining your placements and how it affects you.

Astrology is more profound than your average daily horoscope, it provides guidance and introspection. When translated correctly, it can offer a tremendous amount of help in understanding your basic functions and humanity. For anyone looking to do inner work, seeking guidance, understanding the self, this report is for you. We use Western astrology, which mainly focuses on personality and Eastern Esoteric Astrology, the soul’s journey. We consider house placements and planets and offer the psychological effect it can have over your birth chart.

What makes the Personalized Philosophy Reading different from most reports is the emphasis on the most important parts of your chart that may affect what happens to you in your life. We get straight to what’s important so that you may be able to focus on the necessary in order to attain emotional fulfillment and pursue higher goals.