We at E-T, have been initiated in the first, second & third levels of Reiki using the Usui System. We are now Reiki Masters since Feb 2019.

Learning from the direct lineage of Mikao Usui, one of the founders of Reiki. The Reiki system draws on chakra knowledge as well as specific symbols, which are considered sacred: the keys that open the doors to the higher mind, triggering an intention or belief that brings about specific results. We also use sound healing as a form of a higher vibrational technique. 

In the 1970s, researcher Fabion Mamon sounded a tuning fork on a cancer cell which later dissolved.

We have created our own Reiki track, using sounds set at a specific frequency to put the body and mind in a state of calm. It is set to the frequency of love, to be exact. Sound delivers healing vibrations faster than many other methods and we are very excited to be able to share this with you



What can I expect after?

Many people experience a "light headed" feeling as they are adjusting to the new energy flow within them. Some people also experience a "cleansing period" where we believe the old energy is leaving the body. In this case we suggest drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Another after-effect could be vivid dreams, and experiencing a very deep sleep. 


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includes: pressure point release & sound healing


Jen J. (SF,Ca):

“Elaine has given me a kind warm welcome into the world of energy work. Which is something I am new to and have had struggle following through on. She helped me understand my needs and helped guide me through the process of my feelings. It's nice to know that there are empathetic workers that truly care for your well being.”