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Jen J. (SF,Ca):

Elaine has given me a kind warm welcome into the world of energy work. Which is something I am new to and have had struggle following through on. She helped me understand my needs and helped guide me through the process of my feelings. It's nice to know that there are empathetic workers that truly care for your well being.

Cailin C.(LA,Ca):

After My session with Dalina I felt Exponentially better. My circulation improved and I felt immediately more energized and balanced. Every session has been a wonderful healing process and I look forward to continuing my therapy with her.


Lee R. (SF,Ca):

Dalina is a truly gifted intuitive healer. I found her services and decided to seek out her therapy in hopes of helping to calm down my overactive mind--a thing which made simple things such as sleep and relaxation quite difficult. I was amazed at how I could actually FEEL the energy running through my body in our very first session. I almost instantly started to calm down and even drift off into a dreamlike state. It just blew my mind, being as how skeptical I was, since other things I had tried in the past never worked. The whole experience made me feel connected to things again. It has given me hope and restored my faith in the power of such alternative forms of natural healing. I will be coming back for more sessions on a regular basis. Thank you!


Angeline I. (SF,Ca):

Working with Elaine has been a complete pleasure. I felt she really focused on my needs and helped me really understand the process of my journey. I've done Reiki elsewhere before, but i've never felt it as effective as i've felt with Elaine. She is intuitive and caring. E-T is a place where I feel like I can reset and continue on.  




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