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I-Ching 1 Creative Power

May 14, 2024

I’ve let go. I told myself to forget what I thought I knew about anything and start over. In time for the New Moon and all that is to come. With my feet in Siem Riep, I drew Hexagram 1- Creative Power. It reads:

The flying dragon is an ancient symbol of a dynamic, arousing force that bodes well for creative movement. If your goals are in alignment with the greater good, positive actions taken with good timing will meet with success. This is an excellent time to exercise leadership because you can be strong now. But be forewarned: success turns to failure if strength turns to arrogance. This first hexagram contains all yang lines and is one of the most ausicious readings in the Book of Changes. Whoever draws this hexagram is assured success if they follow its six stages of development, starting with the bottom line.

Part of me feared this hexagram. Everything already felt strong, and gratitude and sugar cane juice was all I was running on now. I could feel the potential of things brewing, not ready to be fulfilled but bubbling. I still needed to learn things but a new angle in viewing everything, especially myself. I could feel a sore spot, a wound I needed to tend to. I think about writing, the point of writing, and artistry in general. Write what is unsaid, and create what you want to see in the world. Don’t wait for someone to understand what you mean; don't wait for someone to create what you need. Build it for yourself, and watch it connect you to people and places it has always been connected to. I will write this I-Ching differently, based off of the six stages of development.

I was on my way to Lychee Mountain, knowing there were lessons ahead and something would be waiting for me at the end. The morning had already begun with obstacles. The tests of my will were beginning. I felt as if the energy of the mountain was saying to me “How deep is your faith in it all?” Since the night before, I had been deep into discussion about the whether we were in end times or if we were collectively creating end times. What it felt was, we were all craving some sort of change and it was possible that destruction and anarchy, seemed to be the only way we foresaw it happening. It is much easier to assume you don’t have power or control over your life, it’s easier to let your demons take the reign and blame outside forces. It was a war on consciousness and instead of bullets, our choices were our weapons. Every thought, every action, and every choice grows into our lives, becoming our lives and determining our lives. I was trying to perceive everything differently, and this mountain was testing my core.

The thoughts on that mountain will remain on that mountain. To see clearly requires the courage to see your imperfections as part of the flaws that are necessary in understanding our shadows. If we focus too greatly on perfection, especially in superficial ways, we risk the decay of our spirit, leaving it hungry and desperate for what can only be healed within. There are plenty of lost souls wandering Earth now, begging for a beginning but lacking in awareness to make any sort of change. What have we fed our souls? What automatic habits must we rid of ourselves to realize our true potential? Why was it so hard to do the right thing?

Line 1 of the Hexagram- Wait for the right timing, harbor no fears.

There is a reason they say patience is a virtue. I ask you, reader, If you were to look deep within your heart and asked yourself what it was you wanted, for your life, but were asked to give up the things that prevented you from receiving it, could you do it? And once you’d given the false desires and the destructive habits, could you have the patience to master what you’ve let go, in order to receive the purest form of the thing you wished for without knowing if you would ever receive it? Do we continue in our habits of annihilation out of fear that patience and mastery don’t pay off? Do we cheat along the way to feed the hungry devious spirit within all of us, that wants a taste of the false version of the true reality we seek?

Line 2 -Events are moving in the right direction.Take a wider perspective, and your best strategy will become clear.

Opening the realm perspective is like accessing the dimensions of the quantum. It’s important to step back and consider the broader context or the bigger picture. By expanding one's viewpoint beyond immediate concerns or limitations, clarity and insight can emerge, leading to more effective decision-making. We can’t always trust our perspective, viewing through multiple eyes, building the strength in the third eye, helps us know what is aligned with our needs as we continue the path. By opening the realm perspective to accessing the dimensions of the quantum, you evoke a sense of tapping into deeper layers of understanding and possibility. Believe that you can access hidden insights and potentials that may not be apparent at first glance.

Line 3- Hold on to your vision and your integrity, and you will make progress in a stable way

Live in truth, hold the vision. As you hold the vision you are building the energy within you, allowing the Universe to respond to your needs, sending you life experiences and lessons to fulfill the vision. Integrity is the way through.

Line 4- You have a clear choice in this situation: either lunge forward or drawback. It’s natural to feel some anxiety at a time like this. You have the freedom to act as the situation requires—to engage or to withdraw.

Only one thing comes to mind when I read this line, “know yourself” How well do you know yourself? To know yourself is a lifelong process, so begin now, or else you will not know in what situations you are ready to engage in or withdraw from.

Line 5- When leaders unite as peers, their power is multiplied. Those who belong together come together.

When leaders unite as equals, their strength multiplies. In unity, true kinship emerges. Maybe one day, we all see each other as one. This line, is what I hope for in humanity. Finding your tribe can’t happen if you’re isolating out of fear. Build strength, build humility.

Line 6- Relax and recharge your creative potentials.

Rest and recovery are necessary after intense insight. It is during these moments of stillness that the seeds of wisdom planted within can take root and flourish, replenishing the soul for the journey ahead. Strengthen your spirit, the journey is just beginning.