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We offer both 1-on-1 virtual learning classes and online courses.

Our classes are designed for those who want direct contact and feedback with our Practitioners, while our online courses  are great for those who want to learn on their own at their own pace. 

Reiki Certification Courses

Become certified in Reiki - we offer 4 levels ranging from complete beginning to master level. 

Reiki Level I Certification

Reiki Level I will go over both the history of Reiki and Eternal-Therapy Reiki. Learn the history of Reiki from Japan, the traditional Kyoto method, along with techniques created through Eternal-Therapy that are designed to help you read into the chakras and more.

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Reiki Level II Certification

Reiki Level II is for students that have already received their Reiki level I certification. We will go over the mental aspects of Reiki and how to tune into the mental energies. There will be a refresher on Chakras and 21 days of self-practice. Level II also teaches Distance Sessions.

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Reiki Level III Certification

Reiki Level III is for students who have gone through level I-II. Since this training has been taught as traditional Kyoto style Reiki, you will learn traditional Master skills before reaching Reiki Master. The fourth Reiki symbol will be taught, this is a connection to the Crown-highest form of energy.

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Master Reiki Certification

Reiki Master Certification course is for students who have practiced at least four years of Reiki and are in their fifth year of training. In this comprehensive Master Reiki course, participants will embark on a transformative journey, delving into advanced concepts and practices, equipping them to guide others and deepen their connection to spiritual consciousness.

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Modality Courses

Become certified in our session modalities.

Neuro-Reiki Modulation

Neuro Reiki Modulation is an energetic healing method that channels Reiki energy to the brain's distinct regions, each linked to specific bodily systems. This approach prioritizes brain health and equilibrium, recognizing the brain's continual need for precise directives and ongoing wave functions.

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