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I-Ching 10 Tread Carefully

Apr 07, 2024

There are moments when the essence of existence seems to shift as if the air carries the weight of change. It's an uncomfortable sensation, leaving me aware that nothing will ever remain as it once was, yet I struggle to pinpoint when the shift occurred. I strive to listen intently in these moments, but to what exactly?

Is it my intuition guiding me or the whispers of the universe signaling from the different realms? I'm caught between realities, uncertain of which to embrace, and left pondering what revelations are on their way to me.

I knew I was coming into a great realization of some sort, Nature was unfamiliar; this was an entirely new dimension, and I had to be mindful of myself and the territory I was in, both psychologically and environmentally.

I often ask myself what the dangers are to go deeper within the mind. How safe was it to open all doors? Doors. Synapses of endless possibilities. To experience the impossible, you must first have the courage to open the door and be ready to meet all the imperfections that are you.

All steps lead to unknown territory that is meant to be explored. Some approach this odyssey through the lens of psychology, while others seek solace in spiritual enlightenment. Many are driven by the insatiable desires of the ego.

For me, there is a quest for philosophical understanding, even if it means embracing uncertainty and taking risks. After all, it is through these risks that we truly learn about ourselves and the world around us.


I loved to ask myself what risks I was willing to take, and if I lived my present life like a dead man, would I still make the same choices? The answer is always yes. Right now, something was changing, both in my inner and outer worlds. Both realities intertwined and spoke loudly. Still, I couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.


I saw the moon rise for the first time just the other night. For whatever reason, it was extremely unsettling to my mind. With the upcoming eclipse and the hysteria surrounding it, a part of me enjoys how much time and attention the moon is getting from us, even if it meant feeling uneasy.

Nature always wins and it’s important to never forget that. At this time I had been miles further from what I had just adjusted to and the nature was constantly changing and telling me to never get too comfortable, to not assume you know everything about your environment and to always be prepared for the unexpected and the unexplored.

The trees in Philip Island were loud and demanding. I let them guide me and without a map, I somehow, thankfully kept finding my way back to safety.


As the days passed and I listened intently to the birds and the rain, I found myself in conversations that pushed me to speak as loudly as the trees spoke to me. There was no need for being passive, no need for people pleasing or sweeping under the rug.

Naturally, I was going straight for the kill- the root. I was no longer interested in the symptoms of unattended wounds in my reality, I wanted to get straight to the point. Ultimately, there was no time to waste. My words needed to be spoken and I wasn’t going to waste anyone’s time either, if we were going to share energy, then we were going to create electricity.

I had accepted that my version of the truth made people uncomfortable, but that is my nature and you can’t tame nature. I was beginning to feel at peace with the cycles of endings and beginnings in a way I hadn’t felt before.


Hexagram 10 was teaching me in real time that I had to tread carefully, be alert: “consider your steps carefully when powerful forces surround you”


I asked myself, how true can I be as I move forward and continue taking steps in MY direction, forget worrying about being right. If I made decisions based off of my intuition and my instincts, it could never be wrong even if it meant failing.

I wasn’t going to let the idea of the concept of “failure” get in the way of living a life that only I could see for myself. I trusted that the paths would keep appearing, I just needed to remain present enough and open enough to listen to where the wind was guiding me towards.

Every person along the way was opening up more and more, only showing me that as I continued to show up as my true self, they could too. Reality was shifting, the eclipse was approaching- old realities were desperately in need of collapsing.

Old stories once used as excuses and escapes weren’t working any longer. The new was approaching whether we were ready or not. Things were shifting so fast it was like the ground beneath us no longer there. What new reality would I own? What new reality was I preparing for?

Something was dying, all I knew was, it will belong to the past and I had no plans of leaving myself behind there.