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I-Ching 27 Nourishment

Mar 25, 2024

When one door closes, another opens. This full moon propels us into the next realm of belief. Hexagram 27, a mountain over thunder, symbolizes Nourishment.

This hexagram urges us to be mindful of all the relationships in our lives and reflect on how we nurture them to flourish. Do we take the necessary time to delve deep and understand what these relationships are willing to teach us? Remember, to see the change in the world, start by looking deep inside yourself. Once you've done that, be prepared to let go of parts of your past that can't evolve with you, including some relationships.

Time is moving faster than ever, and we are in eclipse season. The energy is potent, and the air carries a massive wave of change. As the world continues to shift in a new direction for many of us, the crucial question remains, ‘What are we doing?’

The existing systems don’t always align with the people, and individuals often feel like their basic needs aren't being fulfilled. What happens to a world of people who feel neglected by the systems that claim to safeguard them? In the I-Ching, the 27 hexagram indicates success if the individual paves the way for the necessary change.

The individual must first have faith in the possibility of change. What if the feeling of impending doom is the catalyst we need to get over the first block... ourselves? It may necessitate radical thinking, a blind faith that empowers one to surpass their own limited beliefs that have once hindered them from recognizing what is possible.

What are you feeding your mind? What’s the point of holding on to the very thing draining your life force. “ Make sure you know what you are feeding, and determine your proper diet.”

Take a moment to observe your environment and scrutinize for any self-serving motives. Are your actions in line with goals that bring you closer to others and, ultimately, to yourself?

What energy do you feel in the air? What parts of yourself are still being hidden? What do you need to nourish your soul at this time? What have we put off out of fear and shame? Have we allowed the normalcy and mediocrity of others to hold us back from saying our truth?

When did we become so afraid of expressing our needs that we quickly allowed ourselves to abandon the person who needs the nourishment? Choosing to silence ourselves somehow became the norm. Fear becomes the go-to choice instead of the active progression of the self. Fear then becomes the norm, and we cannot recognize what we need to nourish; it’s like feeding a demon and asking why we’ve become the way we are.

What if this full moon- in preparation for eclipse season- asks us to pull our power back. Re-evaluate where we want to direct that energy once and for all and watch it grow because you believe it can. How much more time are you willing to waste? Do you even have time to waste? Probably not. This full moon calls for us to step up.

Get over looking like a fool. Go for the thing. Get over yourself and be the person we all need you to be. This is all going to end anyway. Live your story now.