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Practitioner Coaching

Unlock Your Potential As a Skilled & Passionate Holistic Practitioner


Designed to cultivate professional mastery, practitioner coaching offers a transformative journey. From foundational teachings to specialized sessions in refining techniques and personal growth, we tailor each step to nurture your expertise.

The Focuses of Our Coaching Program

Fostering An Understanding

of Holistic Care

Real-Time Practice +

Honing Your Skills

Guidance Towards

Professional Success

Our 11 Session Program Goes Over Everything You Need to Get Started

Some of the topics of what we will go over are:

  • Your Practice Manual
  • Session Design
  • Practice Sessions
  • Professional Documentation
  • And Much More!

Let's Craft Your Unique Apporach

With hands-on practice, personalized guidance, and supplementary coursework, you'll craft your unique approach, integrating diverse modalities while embracing ethical practices.

See What Our Past Coaching Clients

Have To Say


Lindsay Price

Dalina has a way about her unlike anyone else I have worked with in the past. She is a creative genius and with such ease gives me the perfect ideas to make my business more successful.

I have enjoyed working 1:1 with Dalina and after each session I feel confident in my ability to make my dream come true to run a successful business. I highly recommend working with Dalina to anyone looking for guidance and the know how on how to get you off the ground and running.

Blake Shumway

My experience with Dalina over the last 3 years has dramatically improved my approach and execution to business, and life. One of the skills I’ve developed by working with her is efficiency - recognizing that the information I do not know, it’s so easily accessible. She’s taught me how to use online recourses better.

Another skill I’ve developed by working with her is perspective. Sometimes I limit my growth by believing that my experiences are reality, but on a psychological level, she’s helped me see situations in other perspectives, which has helped me understand marketing differently, and be a better creator.

Lastly, she is someone I look up to. I often find it difficult to ask people for feedback or advice. Dalina is someone I trust to give me honest feedback, and advice that sometimes may be hard to hear, but that will benefit my situation in the long run.


Dalina is an incredible Reiki practitioner and coach. Her calm and patient demeanor, combined with a detail-oriented approach, makes every session profound. What stands out is her commitment—being available post-coaching for any questions reflects her dedication.

Dalina's one-on-one coaching is specialized, ensuring it aligns perfectly with individual needs. Beyond Reiki, she enriches the experience with insightful courses on astrology, showcasing her diverse expertise. Dalina is not just a practitioner; she's a kind soul genuinely dedicated to helping us heal.

Go To The Next Level With Shadow Work Integration

In addition to the base Practitioner Coaching Program, The Shadow Work Integration Bundle is designed to empower you not only with practical skills but also with the wisdom gained from shadow work—a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Our hands-on approach, coupled with tailored guidance, supplements, and supplementary coursework, fosters a holistic practitioner who integrates diverse modalities while navigating their own inner landscape.

Embark on a fulfilling journey, harnessing your innate abilities to become a confident, proficient, and empathetic holistic practitioner.

Elevate your practice, impact lives, and flourish in the realm of holistic healing with our practitioner coaching.

Practitioner Coaching, Tier I: Empowering Holistic Excellence


Customized modality development for Holistic and Spiritual Practitioners. Learn to navigate your sessions with professionalism and structure. I help build personalized and unique modalities to support holistic and spiritual practitioners in enhancing their practice.


  • A Total of 11 Hour-Long 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With Master Practitioner Dalina
  • All Coursework Materials & Documentation


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Practitioner Coaching, Tier II: Holistic Mastery with Shadow Work Integration


Embark on a transformative journey toward holistic mastery with the practitioner coaching program enhanced with dedicated shadow work integration. Explore the depths of your being, embracing shadow work as an integral part of personal and professional growth. 

Through this comprehensive curriculum, you are guided through foundational teachings, specialized sessions in refining techniques, business development, and a profound focus on shadow work integration. Delve into the depths of self-awareness, understanding the hidden aspects of the psyche that influence your holistic practice.


  • A Total of 11 Hour-Long 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With Master Practitioner Dalina
  • All Coursework Materials & Documentation
  • Additional 4 Hour-Long 1-on-1 Shadow Work Sessions
  • Additional Shadow Work Materials + Documents


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