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Using the I-Ching: A Guide to Ancient Divination


The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is a revered ancient Chinese divination text that offers guidance, wisdom, and insights into life's complexities. It serves as a tool for seeking advice, understanding situations, and contemplating the cyclical nature of existence.




The I Ching comprises a collection of 64 hexagrams, each comprising six lines, creating various combinations of solid (yang) and broken (yin) lines. These hexagrams represent archetypal situations and universal principles. I will guide you through your question and help you navigate the I-Ching.

Formulate Your Question: Begin by focusing on a specific question or situation you seek guidance on. The clarity and intention of your question are essential for a meaningful response from the I Ching.

Interpretation: Once you have sent me your specific questions, I will consult the I Ching and send you a recording, unless we do a 1:1,  that offers insight into the situation, providing guidance and advice relevant to your question. 

Changing Lines: Within each hexagram, "changing lines" might be indicated by moving from yin to yang or vice versa. These changing lines offer additional insights or suggest evolving aspects of the situation. I will include insights into your changing lines.


Using the I Ching is not merely about predicting the future but rather seeking insights, contemplating possibilities, and embracing change. Its wisdom transcends time, offering profound guidance in navigating life's complexities. 

I-Ching readings can benefit individuals who are seeking:


Guidance: Those looking for insights and guidance in decision-making, whether personal, professional, or spiritual.

Self-Reflection: Individuals interested in deep self-reflection, understanding their current situations, and exploring future possibilities.

Clarity: People seeking clarity during periods of confusion, uncertainty, or when facing complex choices.

Spiritual Growth: Those on a spiritual journey, seeking ancient wisdom and philosophical perspectives for personal growth.

Problem-Solving: Individuals wanting to approach challenges from a different perspective and find solutions rooted in ancient wisdom.


The I-Ching readings can offer profound insights and perspectives, making them beneficial for anyone open to exploring the depths of their circumstances and seeking guidance from an ancient divination system.

Kait C. (LA, Ca)

“After my session with Dalina I felt Exponentially better. My circulation improved and I felt immediately more energized and balanced. Every session has been a wonderful healing process and I look forward to continuing my therapy with her.”

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