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Invisible Alignment

Aligning The Body-Mind Spirit


Using different techniques, we have created a form of healing art that incorporates other methods for therapeutic benefits, such as:


Intuitive reading


Astrological Insight

If You're Feeling Lost or in Search of Purpose, Explore The Invisible Alignment


The Invisible Alignment method blends techniques for both energetic and subconscious transformation. This specialized session facilitates deep self-exploration and emotional liberation. Together, we establish affirmations after going through your astrology chart and guide you into a state of hypnosis complemented by Reiki, fostering harmony within your emotional landscape.

As relaxation sets in, your mental and physical faculties are invigorated, aimed at resetting the nervous system and providing a clear mental trajectory. We aim to carve new pathways, replacing hurdles with solutions and nurturing healthier habits for a more balanced, empowered state of being. 

This method can be advantageous for individuals seeking:


Emotional Healing: Those grappling with unresolved emotions, stress, or anxiety.

Self-Exploration: People interested in delving deeper into their subconscious and discovering inner resources.

Habit Transformation: Individuals aiming to replace negative patterns with positive habits for personal growth.

Nervous System Reset: Anyone experiencing imbalances or seeking to recalibrate their nervous system for enhanced well-being.

Holistic Balance: Those looking for a holistic approach that combines energetic healing and subconscious alignment for overall wellness.

“All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Kait C. (LA, Ca)

“After My session with Dalina I felt Exponentially better. My circulation improved and I felt immediately more energized and balanced. Every session has been a wonderful healing process and I look forward to continuing my therapy with her.”

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Invisible Alignment


Distance sessions via phone are available for this method if you are unable to come in person.


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