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Neuro-Reiki Modulation

Align With Your Internal Guidance

Neuro-Reiki Modulation explore energetics and mental mind framing that leads to uncovering blocks and accessing the action required for the client to reach his full potential.

Neuroscience meets Reiki

Neuro-Reiki blends the latest findings in neuroscience with the ancient healing practice of Reiki. It's a powerful combination that allows us to dive deep into your subconscious and address any mental or energetic blocks holding you back.

Identify and Clear Blocks

We'll identify the limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns keeping you from reaching your goals. Using a combination of hypnosis, Reiki energy, sound frequency and personalized techniques, we'll re-wire bad habits, creating space for new, empowering beliefs to take root, training the mind to perform to its highest capacity.

Practical Support

Neuro-Reiki isn't just about our sessions – it's about giving you the tools you need to thrive in everyday life. Whether you're facing decision paralysis, struggling with self-doubt, I'm here to provide support and guidance whenever required to avoid emotional stagnation.

Who does it benefit?

Neuro-reiki offers a unique path to empowerment for those exploring entrepreneurship and creative paths and who want to be driven individuals. My goal is to help you decrease the time between idea and execution. We focus on a healthy ego that continues to grow while headed towards purposeful ambition instead of a generic ambition that often leads nowhere.

Cailan C.

The energy work and sessions I’ve had with Dalina has had a huge positive impact on my life. Her reiki has gotten me through my tough emotional battles when I felt stuck. And her teachings and talks with me on astrology has shed light on my journey, my strengths and where I need to focus my energy to continue to grow. Dalina is an amazing healer and I feel so much gratitude for being able to experience her spiritual talents and the care she puts into each session with me.

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Neuro-Reiki Modulation

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